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Navigating instruction at home due to COVID-19 ... a "Family Schedule with Ideas for Continued

My community is now on "lock down" as I write this post due to COVID-19. We know that kids thrive when routines are in place, so I have created a "Family Schedule with Ideas for Learning" to help parents and educators that are now at home navigating each day that is filled with uncertainty. There are more than 30 free resources hyperlinked in the PDF below, simply click the image to download a copy.

Please note: this schedule is just a suggestion. Feel free to adapt it to meet the needs of your family. You will notice that the schedule begins with a "Family Circle" every morning. The most important thing that children will remember from this time in history is how they felt. I know that a lot of us as adults are struggling with feelings of anxiety...and our children "see and feel" this. Fear of the unknown is real, and emotion contagion is real. It is so important to give children safe opportunities to express their feelings. We need to make sure that we build resiliency rather than panic (see my blog post below for more ideas). Child Mind Institute gives some advice for parents about how to explain and answer the questions that children have right now about the virus.

This is a screen shot of page 1 of the schedule (*this is a two page document due to all the resources). You can also download the full schedule with links to resources here. I hope that these tips and resources can help to make this time more enjoyable as you learn together, play together, and make some lasting memories. Feel free to share!

Stay Well!

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