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Synergy is defined as the interaction of elements that when combined, produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual contributions.  Synergy in an educational setting is the collaboration between teachers, students, families, and the community working together toward the shared goal of improving the quality of student learning in their schools for every student.


Growth Mindset: Cultivating a Culture of Synergy and Success in Schools

Over forty years of research supports the discovery that developing a set of skills such as perseverance, grit, and self-control, are key to academic success. Adhering to the belief that intelligence and abilities can be developed has shown to have powerful effects on student motivation and learning, ultimately resulting in increased achievement.  These skills and attitudes are referred to as a “growth mindset” by researcher Carol Dweck of Stanford University. 



















What does a School with Synergy and a Growth Mindset look like? 


Students are engaged, persistent, and reflective learners. They take responsibility for their own success, setting individual goals and constructing the pathways to reach them.  Students work together collaboratively with peers and teachers to create and support a positive learning culture for everyone. 

Educational Staff (Support Staff, Teachers, and Administrators) collaborate with their colleagues, parents, and the community to create optimal learning opportunities for their students.  The belief that all students can learn and succeed is evident in their practice. They create positive learning environments where all students are willing to take risks and mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn.  They are committed to learning and growing alongside their students.

Families partner with schools to support student learning.  Communication is recognized as a vital piece of each side of the learning equation.  Schools equip families with tools and strategies for successful learning. 


Communities understand and support the vision and needs of their schools.  They are sought after for their ideas and resources and included in problem solving as well as celebrations. Their areas of expertise contribute to the success of the whole learning community.  


Interested in creating a school that operates with synergy while promoting a growth mindset?  

Contact Cindy to find out how today!

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