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Cindy’s workshops are interactive and engaging, designed to give practical research-based strategies that can be easily implemented in order to create optimal learning environments and increase student learning.  All workshops can be designed to meet the individual needs of each client.  Some of her most popular topics include: 

        Creating Trauma-informed Classrooms

         Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Learning

         Strategies for Teaching Students Impacted by Trauma

         Creating and Implementing Cool Down Kits - Teaching Self-regulation

         Mirrors, Windows, and Doors: Using Picture Books to Teach Resilience


        Growth Mindset and The Effective Teacher - A Series for Professional Learning

Overview: Cultivating a Growth Mindset for Successful Learning

The Effective Teacher: Building a Positive Learning Environment

The Effective Teacher: Feedback That Moves Students Forward

The Effective Teacher: Instruction for Deep Learning

The Effective Teacher: Planning for Student Growth

The Effective Teacher: The Art of Reflection


Teaching With a Wide Angle Lens: Strategies for Successful Classrooms

Being Proactive Rather Than Reactive

Cultivating a Positive Classroom Culture

Integrating Social & Emotional Skills Throughout the School Day

Strategies for Responding Effectively to Challenging Behavior

Teaching Growth Mindset Through Picture Books


Effective Instruction

Socratic Circles: Getting to the Heart of Learning 

Differentiating Instruction for All Learners

Advancing Advanced Learners

Questioning for Deeper Thinking



Text-Dependent Analysis: A Blueprint for Success

Creating a Culture of Literacy

Understanding Close Reading 

Optimizing Literacy Instruction - Organizing and Managing Reading & Writing Workshops

Effective Instruction and Intervention Strategies for Literacy

A Novel Idea...Using Picture Books to Cultivate a Growth Mindset

A Novel Idea...Using Picture Books to Teach Diversity and Inclusion 

Oral Language: The Foundation of Literacy

Increasing Meaningful Conversations in the Classroom

Integrating Literacy Across the Content Areas

Web 2.0 Tools for Literacy


Professional Learning

The Power of PLCs

Learning Strategy Walks - The Secret to Collaborative Learning & Growth

Partnering With Families: A Team Approach to Problem Solving

Effective Strategies for Para Educators - Series



Parenting With a Wide Angle Lens

Positive Discipline Strategies for Parents - Series 

Nurturing a Growth Mindset in Your Children

Growing a Reader

How Parents Can Help Struggling Readers

Transforming Homework Hassles into Learning Opportunities

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