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“The more healthy relationships a child has, the more likely he will be to recover from trauma and thrive. Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love.”

~ Dr. Bruce Perry

Educators often feel at a loss when teaching students that are impacted by trauma. While there are so many things that we cannot change, there is so much that we CAN do...building positive relationships with students and teaching them strategies for self-regulation can impact a student and change their learning experience. We offer workshops and instructional coaching to help educators understand what trauma is and learn strategies that are helpful for all students. Taking a "strength-based approach, we advocate shifting from the lens of "trauma-infomed" to "healing centered engagement". This begins by building empathy with students that have experienced trauma. 



Trauma-informed Teaching Strategies

The Trauma-sensitive Teacher


How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime

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