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Lauren Bryant has worked in the field of education as an elementary teacher in kindergarten through third grade classrooms. For the past eleven years she has worked as an instructional coach and educational consultant for Cindy Kruse Consulting, LLC. Her broad teaching experiences include both suburban and urban settings. Lauren holds a master’s degree in education including certifications in special education and as a reading specialist. Her work in special education has given her the opportunity to learn how to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners. However, as she taught young readers in K-1 classrooms, she quickly found her passion in teaching literacy. This has become one of Lauren’s favorite areas to coach teachers as she helps them to plan effective literacy lessons that are both engaging and research-based. Lauren has integrated social and emotional learning opportunities for her students while in the classroom and continues to refine these practices as she creates and presents workshops for parents based on this philosophy. Lauren is the co-author of The Ultimate Morning Meeting Playbook: The Power of Reflection for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning. When she is not working with teachers, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family in West Chester, PA. 

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