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Diversity and Inclusion 

We intuitively know that kindness matters…we all want our kids (either our children at home or our students in our classrooms) to truly care about others.  We know that kindness is a good thing… a necessary thing.  Although the research isn’t really needed, consider these research-based reasons why we should to make teaching diversity and inclusion (which results in kindness to our kids) most important:


  • Kindness = Better health –

  • Nice guys really do finish first. According to a research study with children ages 9-11, when kids intentionally performed acts of kindness they gained an average of 1.5 friends per month.  Many other research studies support the idea that Kindness = Better relationships.   




Improving Civility in the Classrooms 

Effective Student Led Discussions


Picture Books to Teach Kindness, Diversity, and Inclusion:

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